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" Hello, I wanted to say a big THANK YOU! 


  In a difficult period of my life, I finally opened the book I had bought myself about the Ho'oponopono method and that I had kept aside as it is something I often did...

     I wanted to discover more and your book appeared as an evidence on a shelf...Thank you for the simplicity of your writing that enabled me to understand this method and helped me put into words what I was feeling and what I could not express a few weeks before.

     After a cleaning in which I used and abused of these 4 magic words: Sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you... I started feeling peace.

      First of all, my fears diminished and I started gaining confidence. After intuitively reorganizing my living room I received a wonderful gift.


    The visit of my grandson who is one year old today!


       To understand why this is a miracle for me, you need to know that the parents being separated for 5 months, I was enduring their disagreements, I hadn't seen my grandson for more than a month and I had no idea when I would have the chance to see him again.

      That day, I received a text message asking me if I wanted to watch him the day after... After my astonishment, I felt as if the cleaning had had an effect even though I hadn't worked on this situation.


      Since then, I have a good contact with the mom, we talk to each other, we call each other, I had my grandson for a whole week and I will see him again next week to bring him to his great grandparents.


  I speak of Ho'oponopono to those who want to listen, I wake up still quite worried but the words automatically come to my mind to calm me down...

  I am finally starting to recognize myself and it really feels good. I am starting to see signs and could not see anymore.

     It is so big for me that I wanted to share it with you, which is something new for me.


   Miss I "




« Hello Nathalie, I just bought your last book, 4 clés pour réaliser vos rêves, I find it fantastic, now I will start putting it in practice, step by step.

  I am almost 72 and I have been dreaming for a long time of going to Polynesia, I will do what it takes to go, even if it takes a bit of time and many ideas to be accomplished

          Reading your books make me focuss on my thoughts and dream with enthusiasm.

         Thank you, receive all my gratitude. JP"