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Answers to the readers' questions

"How many times should I recite Ho'oponopono?"

Releasing your fears

" Hello Miss, 

I would like to have your opinion concerning a worrying matter.

Every day, I put the Ho'oponopono method in practice (n°16 the family)* concerning my son because he is in a total loss of control. My husband and I are very worried about him and we are afraid for our grandson.

Is it possible to work on him aloof from him with a more personal method that could help him calm down and find serenity?


Miss G"


Hello Miss G,

    Thank you for your question and for your interest in the Ho'oponopono method.


   The difficulty in the practice of Ho'oponopono is in the comprehension that we are healing inside what appears on the outside. You are not healing the other one.  You change your reaction to the situations the others confront you to.

   What appears around you is the reflection of a memory, that leads you to think the worst for your son and your grandson.

   Your fear is taking control and that does not give solutions to your problems that you see emerge. It is true that when it deals with our children, it is hard to be detached.


  Maybe you could simply clean inside of you, without waiting anything in particular. In general, it is what causes a problem and awakes fears.  Deep inside, you wish your son to act differently and as he does not, it makes you even more afraid.


  So, clean inside of you your expectations and your fears.

   Clean all of these dramatic films that emerge from your mind in order to liberate the space. In this emotional chaos that you are living, you cannot see the situation clearly. Beeing afraid for our children is naturel only it doesn not bring anything but fear.


  What I can garanty you is that the more you clean these negative emotions in you, the more you will reach a place of peace. And it is only in this particular place, that is in you, under your fears, that you will get access to the solutions.


  Fear amplifies fear, just like anger amplifies anger. Giving out peace, Love, compassion, enables to see around you the same type of emotions.

  Therefore, your son might listen to you, ask for your help or find a solution by himself. As long as he does not feel judged by you, but welcomed and listened to without judgment, miracles can happen.

   Stay openminded and available, which is why it is necessary to get away from your fears, from judgment and to be in a stage of acceptance. The Ho'oponopono formula is a fantastic tool to help welcome the other one, by accepting our emotions but by accepting them, also accepting to stop being afraid.

  The priority is to listen and to be present, available for any demands, whether they come for your son or the Universe.


Kind regards,


Full consciousness and Ho'oponopono

" Hello Nathalie,

About the different articles and books I am reading concerning the practice of the 5 words that heal.

Sometimes, it is said that we need to practice like a mantra even when everything is right.

Other times, it is said that we need to recite ho'oponopono with consciousness if not we will not have results or very few. What do you think?


Thank you I love you



Hello and thank you for your question,


       My first reaction is to say that the one who wishes us to recite these four words in full consciousness to have a minimum result is the Ego. We are already waiting for something when we adopt this point of view. Of course, it is our mind that takes the control and wantes to manage everything.

  The act of reciting the words as they come while everything seems to fall apart is already...huge. The mind starts to be put apart just by reciting "sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you"

        By letting our pain and negative emotions take over, we prevent this type of awareness. However, automatically reciting the method, which means reciting it inside even when everything is right, gives a chance to start the mantra when we receive an emotional slap in the face. Therefore, when the mind is disconnected, the awareness comes from Ainsi, le mental déconnecte, la prise de conscience se fait par des moyens auquel nous n'avons pas accès quand on est dans les mains de l'Ego.


    For having practiced Ho'oponopono many years, I can confirm these points from my own experience:


       . Yes, I advise you to recite the method automatically, over and over again in an inner silence even when life seems peaceful. Double positive effect, first of all with the cleaning of your unconsciously awoken memories and then with the adoption/integration of the method as an evidence. 


     . Yes, I confirm that the consciousness by the Ego is not the best solution as it might close the doors to different opportunities that could stop the conflict.


    . Yes, I feel that the full consciousness, the "mindfulness" as Tich nhat hanh talks about, enables the acceptance of what occurs, without judgment, to have a better access to the solutions. 


       All of this is progressively set up by practicing Ho'oponopono a little more each day.


Kind regards


" Hello,


    I have practiced for a certain time and I have gathered information, I also use the cards. I would like your help about my way of practicing.


Sometimes, I use the method, not specifically on a present situation but on negative thoughts that I know well and that come over and over again, or on a feeling or emotion liked to facts, past occasions that have consequences in my current life; or even feelings that obsess me such as resentment, anger, that I wish to release.

  But as my thoughts are often full of regrets, guilt and past oriented, I use the method of situations from the past that remain a source of suffering, generating guilt and absence because these moments were lived when I had no tools or discernment. So, my question is: does the method work on the past in order to be more in the present?

  Thank you

  Kind regards




Hello A,


   Your question is relevant and it is part of the componants that made me set up a seminar. Understanding our inner functioning and how the Ego works seems essential to build an existence that corresponds to your aspirations. It disrupts the present by staying attached to the past and it is in the present moment that we build our future.


   To sum up, the past built what you are but it is not "you". Each time you mention your story, you light up the emotions that are linked to it and come to the present moment. You can not change the past but the emotions that come from it, here and now, can be cleaned. No waiting. This is a step in the acceptance of what you feel.No judgeing. You aredo your best. The proof is, you are using Ho'oponopono, you are putting into practice a method that helps you connect to the energy of Love...and when we give Love, miracles appear. 


  Kind regards

   Nathalie BODIN LAMBOY

The Past and Ho'oponopono

 To this question, I would like toanswer that reciting "Sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you" is a personnal choice, you are the only one to decide to recite it. 


While negative emotions, such as anger, frustration, deception or even sadness envade your mind, you choose to recite this formula over and over again in silence. These life-saving words enable to jam your fears, those that envade your mind and lead you to an inside hell. Then, as soon as the inner calm arrives, watch and listen.


        Pay attention to your emotions... Do you still feel this unease inside of you? Is the sadness still strongly present or are you starting to breathe slowly? Is your body relaxed, or are you still feeling light shivers? How is your breathing, twitchy or fluid? In the second case, it might mean that you are entering in the inner peace. If not, continue to repeat the four words inside of you.


          As long as you feel an unease, you should recite the Ho'oponopono formula, but again, it is your choice. No one can give you indications on the time you should take except for you.


          What I understood from my experience with Ho'oponopono is that I need moments of calm to automatically integrate the formula. It that way, it was able to come out when strong emotions took the control. Sometimes, I do not have any intention but the emotions that emerge are so strong that I have no other choice than to be totally present. The more I recite the four wisdom words, the more I detach myself from the element that made me tip over. As long as I do not find an exit door to my inner nightmare, I continue to recite Ho'oponopono because it is my choice.

  There is no more concept of time, just living in the present moment for what it is, meaning an experience that leads you to the flow of Love.