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Feng Shui

  For millenaries, it has been admitted that the Human being and its environment are intemately linked. The energy, the Qi, as the Chinese call it, circulates as much in the Universe as in your environment. The Qi can be harmful or beneficial, according to what it finds on its path. The relief and the pollution have an impact of the quality of the energy. It is possible to change this energy by transforming it in our environment and habitat.


This is how this art was born and how the house became a fantastic tool to create your life. I will share with you a few easy and efficient principles to try at your house. The objective is to give you some "common sense" rules that the world has quite forgotten nowadays.



1. Imagine and write down

  Your project is clearly defined in your mind, it is time to write it down. In fact, by writing down your objective you will enable it to have a first material existence. This step is necessary in order to be precise in the perception of yout project. Its success depends on your way of refreshing it. By only vaguely defining it, you put your project in a blurred situation. So, be careful to be precise in the final aspects.


  The questions to ask: how do you see the result of your project? What does the finalization represent in your material, personal and family life?

  This first setting straight step will take shape on your paper and become, just like I was telling you above, the first materialization of your objective. Then, it is recommended to look at your house or appartment as a box that will receive your project.


2. Welcome the energy

  The priority will be given to your dream accomplishment. This is why your house, apartment, must be a obstacle free space.

  Exactly like you wash your dish that have been used for your dinner preparation with your friends tonight, you will wash in your house the rooms you use each day and that will be useful for this project.

  Each good meal starts with a starter, just as the Feng Shui protocole. The main starter of your house is the first place you will clean in order to receive the energy correctly. With this start, you welcome the Qi that will spread through your home. Giving it a positive touch is essential to start your inner trip correctly.

  Therefore, the rule is to clean this space from any overload.


  No more pile steping over or bags of clothes waiting to be brought to charity or the neighbour. No more trash in this place.

  All types of trash give the energy a low vibration that puts the inhabitants and the objects at the same level. 

  No more keeping the shoes and coats of the whole family in this place. The energetic stagnancy would get the upper hand over your project. Only daily used clothes may stay.


  Defective or broken objects calling back to bad memories must disapear from your entrance. If this entrance is naturally dark, maintain the lighting when you are there. This attracts the necessary energetic flow for the vitality of the place and creates a dynamic to make your project move forward. Install a nice green plant, an elegant statue, colored paintings. Give the energy a beneficial flow as soon as it touches your front door.


3. Release the space

  Later on, you will focuss on your work place, meaning the place where you elaborate your project. Whether it is a separate office or a desk in a corner of your living room, you must liberate its access starting from the entrance. As you have cleaned your entrance, you must look if the hall that leads you to your work space is free from any obtacle.

  No banging into the house's furniture to go to your desk. 

  No letting your kids use your work space to do their homework or storing your unused tools (except if they are part of your project), your unpaid bills, old magazines. This space should be cleared and cleaned, available at any time of the day to receive different steps of your project.

  Post a picture or a text representative of your project. This enables you to immerse yourself in your objective. Afterwards, place everything that is useful to its accomplishment such as an extra light if needed, files and shelves to have all your documents neer you. Liberate your inner self from any constraint to welcome each opportunity as it deserves.  Let the ooportunities enter. Open yourself to the Universe by making as much space as possible. The space you will leave will enable to receive the necessary information for the accomplishment of your project.

  You will liberate yourself of any obstacle as soon as you will clarify and wash your negative beliefs.