Feng Shui Coffrets

New: Oracle Cristal Feng Shui

 It's with great pleasure that I present you this new personal development tool. It is the result of my experience in Feng Shui and the world of cristals. This coffret is a way of entering in the fulfillment of your projects independently and being aware that our Universe is at our service.


Using our house to evolve in our existence is what the art of Feng Shui teaches us.

Putting a new energy in our life thanks to the use of cristals is what lithotérapie teaches us. 


  The QI, this energy that circulates in the Universe and is used by the chinese geomancy in the Feng Shui, fills itself with what our environment gives out. As for the cristals, they are elements from the chemical fusion of the depths of earth and produce vibes that vary according to their composition.

  I associated in this coffret my knowledge in Feng Shui and in the cristals. My practice in this area enabled me to understand that these tools perfectly complete themselves and I wished to share this discovery with you through an Oracle.


  The choice of a 44 cards game was inspired by a regular use of tarot cards. They enable the integration of sophisticated methods while preserving their intuitive method

   To help yoy with the practice of Feng Shui, I chose a simplified version of this art. Designated by the school of form and from my own observations, I provide you a Pakua in which each sector of your house represents the sector of your existence.

  The property of the cristals combined with different sectors of your house enables to bring a benefic energy to your habitat but also to reach a better comprehension of the obstacles that dominate in your existence.

  For example, when you draw the "Lapis Lazuli – Je me relie au ciel et à la terre " card, you realize it shows the lack of balance between the Yin and the Yang., the feminine and the masculin energy, that prevents you from acheiving your fulfillment. Also, to find the harmony as a creator, you can use a Lapis-Lazuli, by positionning it in the Creativity area of your house.



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  You may tell yourself that the solutions to your problems do not rely in the use of cristals and especially not of a card game... or, by the contrary, you can decide to put what Mother Nature create for us and that has been for a long time used by our Ancestors, at your service.  

  Nowadays, it is possible to join these ancestral traditions thanks to modern ways. It is a chance that I do not wish to let go and that I wish to share with all of you.

  Succeeding in life is also changing our habits in our daily life by adopting a new way of seeing the world, a deeper vision of what surrounds us. Especially, by using this constant present energy that enables every one to grow from the inside and to be fulfilled by the outside.


  I wish you a beautiful first contact with the Oracle Cristal Feng Shui.