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The seven springboards of Success and their factsheets

The 7 springboards of success - Meaning, Leadership, Communication,  Kindness, Softness, Alignement and Time – give you the necessary impulse to transform your life and succeed in your projects.

     Based on tools of diverse origins such as the Hawaiian traditional spirituality Ho’oponopono, martial arts or leadership, this method joins for the first time body, heart and mind in order to reveal your potential and speed-up your self-actualization.

      In this book, Nathalie Bodin Lamboy and Chris Peytier offer valuable advices and will guide your transformation through their experience.


     Anecdotes and factsheets filed with exercises, adaptable to everyone’s needs, will help you to embody these techniques in your daily life in order to foster success in many domains of your life, and reach true well-being.

Vivre avec Ho'oponopono (New edition)

     A lot of positive emotions accompanied this new edition of Vivre avec Ho'oponopno. With the new presentation of text and audio CD that accompanies the book you have in your hands everything needed to get into the practice of Ho'oponopono method. You discover this method for the first time or you pratiquiez for years, I have grouped my experience in this work and tools that allowed me to live daily in the energy of Ho'oponopono.     


     Since I practice the Hawaiian method of healing, miracles are more numerous in my life. Among these providential events, there was the meeting with Yoann Sover and Alexandra Garijo. Two actors, two voices, two souls who lent me their talent for creating the audio CD. The desire to produce this recording where you will find the complete reading of this book and two guided meditations I was blown away by this inner music which is called "inspiration".     


     Welcome to the world of Ho'oponopono to discover your own inner music and your life mission.

Ho'oponopono et le couple

Why Ho'oponopono can help you grow in your love relationship?     

  • Because it is through this method that I understood the relationship that each has with the other.     

  • Because the adult I am today chose to release certain behavioral patterns become too painful and crippling.     

  • Because I also understood that the Other I needed to evolve, grow and prove myself to myself.


I hope this book makes you get into the practice of a friendly and effective method. This tool has opened many hearts and soothed so many injuries he has become essential to spread the good news. You can love and be loved is a matter of choice. To open the passage to the love and lift the blockages of your memories, four words of wisdom are available, and it's up to you to recite:

"Désolé, pardon, merci, je t'aime"

4 clés pour réaliser vos rêves

« Life is what we do about it», this maxim should be posted on each street corner, in bus stations, supermarkets and schools. Every place in which each one could think about his own capacities to accomplish his life. Because if there is one truth that I catch hold of in this existence is this one: I am the creator of my life.

         This is how this new publication about the Ho'oponopono method starts.
        In this book, I wished to talk to you about what the hawaian healing method help me accomplish. This is my way of thanking the Universe for this beautiful gift that is Ho'oponopono. In fact, I am convinced that if I have this understanding I must share it and transmit it. 

  I propose you 4 keys to enable you to put your projects, dreams, lives together, 4 steps that will open the doors of the understanding of your inner functioning? The cleaning that you will accomplish with Ho'oponopono enables to reveal your dreams and enter a more concrete vision of your existence. You will find in this book the impulsion that you sometimes look for and that is waiting to express itself through you.

Ho’oponopono is a way to enter in action. A new path to changer the world that surrounds us.

Évoluer en toute liberté

  The Ho'oponopono hawaian method of inner healing is a personal development tool which enables to restablish harmony in our existence. 
   In this audio CD and in this book, you will find the basis of Ho'oponopono and the point of its practice in the every day life. A 15 minutes meditation untitled "The meditation of forgiveness" is also included in order to enable you to integrate the principle of memory cleaning.

  It is also thanks to examples that you will discover the influence of believings in your existence and the way to create you life in peace. Recorded with the voice of the author, this audio book can be used over and over again to enable each one of us to enter in the practice of Ho'oponopono.


  These two (book and CD) have been conceived to help you apply the hawaian method of inner healing.

30 formules de sagesse pour guérir les conflits

    Ho'oponopono, 30 formules de sagesse pour guérir des conflits, suggests a technique to help you liberate your emotional overload.

30 essential themes: Family, Illness, shame, doubts, the mind, road accidents, seperation, exams, moving, impatience, money, neighbours, trafic, agression, overweight, anorexia, deception.

    On your feet or sitting on a chair with your back still, put your head down and blow. Start over and pronounce "sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you". You will start to breath better. The emotional choc had provoqued a blocking in your stomach.

    Moving your head enables you to liberate the tensions in your neck. These two moves can be enough to unblock the energetic flow and help you to continue your inner cleaning with Ho'oponopono



Le grand livre de Ho'oponopono

    The simplicity of this Ho'oponopono method will surprise you and, at the same time, by reading this book, you will certainly have the impression of finding an old and forgotten method. The surprise will be even bigger when you will have put the method in practice.

      You will therefore be surprised of the changes that you will produce in your life. Ho'oponopono enables us to understand that everything that happens in our lives is the consequence of memories and unconscient programms that are inside us and that emprisons us in a suffering world. By eliminating these bad memories thanks to Ho'oponopono, the problems become positive factors and we integrate our true identity? Ho'oponopono also shows us that we are all related by the link of love.

    Ho'oponopono invites us to use this method in our every day life. If suggests us a new way of being in our life, where the most important to develop is our inner peace. It will, then, be spread around us and bring the change we wish to see in the world that surounds us.