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Ho'oponopono Coffrets

"Vivre avec Ho'oPonoPono" coffret

     The 31 wonderfully illustrated cards - one for each day of the month - represent Ho'oponopono inspired quotes, the traditional hawaian wisdom.

  Each day, choose a card, read it carefully and let yourself be surrounded with its deep energy. Then refer to the accompanying book to know the interpretation of the quote. These words invite you to realize that you are the only creator of your life, the one to clean your limitative beliefs that generate conflicts and negative occasions.

    For their effect to be even more powerful, take on or two wisdom stones and pronounce these few words: « sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you » You will feel transformed and tied to your deep self.


The "Pour vivre avec Ho'oPonoPono" coffret includes:


  • 31 cards

  • An accompanying 48 pages book

  • 4 wisdom stones in a nice pouch