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The Ho'oponopono Method

     Practicing Ho'oponopono can be sumed up in a few words. Living with Ho'oponopono takes a bit more time to explain. Also, I will start by giving you, with my own words and experience, the use of the method and what it brings to your existence. 


      Dr Len explains that the situations that appear in front of you are a result of your responsibility as they correspond to "memories" inside of you. Each one of us is 100% creator of his life, the Best as much as the Worst. Also, to reach a state of peace, it is useless to try and change others and act as a victime of fatality. The solution consists in erasing our memories that have become limiting and leaving space for "emptiness", in order to let inspiration guide you towards positive and constructive situations. 


      Ho’oponopono is a method that we repeat inside of ourselves when a conflict, a strong and negative emotion appears « Sorry, Forgive me, Thank you, I love you ».

Sorry means we accept the conflict


. Forgive me gives the possibility to forgive ourself and the universe of creating this situation.


. Thank you to your soul, to God, to the Universe, to have awaken this memory in you in order to clean it.


. I love you is the cleaning of the limiting memory, by sending a love energy to yourself and the Universe. We could also say "I love myself" 


  Then, let go, breathe out, and take a step back in order to let the best solutions appear.

      This does not mean no action. By the opposite, you need to listen to what your inner self will suggest. This always takes an unexpected shape and it is what I prefer in this practice.


     Today is a good day to start sending love to yourself, so, what are you waiting for?