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Talking about Ho'oponopono

Create your life with Ho'oponopono

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" Since I have been practicing Ho'oponopono, I realized how much it became easy to find our life mission.

  Thanks to these three words « forgive me, thank you, I love you » I managed to measure the real impact of my acts. This also enabled me to understand that every one had a large undevelopped resource that could bring the best to our existence.

  However, our habits, memories and fears prevent the access to this source. Changing our way of seeing and intention is the first step to reach our potential. Then, you understand that you have the power to create your destiny. 

 My experience in Feng Shui and my meetings with healers have given me the opportunity to realize the presence of the subtle world that surrounds us. The interactions between the human being and its environment are obvious. Thanks to the law of attraction, I deepened this knowledge. The energy that circulates in the universe is there to be used. It does not have any other reason to exist than our presence. It is here for us and its profusion gives access to the true power that brings to life each one of you.


  During these last years, I tried psycho-energetic techniquespsychogenealogic approaches as well as energy reconnecting methods. They all confirmed that useful tools enabled to get in contact with the energetic potential of the Universe.

    I propose you, during two days entitled Vivre avec Ho’oponopono to discover you creative potential, but also the way to incorporate it in your daily life in order to fulfill your life mission. To sum up, how to connect yourself to this creative energy thanks to Ho'oponopono.


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