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Life mission

What is our Life Mission?

Life Mission is much more than just our profession. Rather, it is our actualization through activities. Your occupation becomes a mean to fulfillment in addition to being a mean of subsistence. It is also an accomplishment of your intellectual and spiritual capabilities. 

Your life mission is a compilation of your knowhow and your “know how to be”.

      The three points that are mostly considered, in modern society, when you apply for a job, are your studies, your learnings and your experience. However, a key point is usually forgotten in this process, your aspirations. This is what I call your life mission. Through this, we define what thrills us, and what makes us get out of bed every morning.

This notion has been abandoned by our education system, which has aimed at creating available labor forces rather than fostering the entrepreneur spirit. Nevertheless, we need to emphasize that there is no limit of age to gain such a mind opening. There are many accounts of women and men who, at the age of retirement, began to organize what they dreamt of doing during all their years of activity. From cruises to language lessons, self-development seminars or learning painting, these people are – at last – listening to their inner voice.

There is this common belief that we have to enter the professional world to the detriment of our dreams and our projects, which may take shape later. Over the last decades, I noticed that many people whom have been diagnosed with severe illness would begin to view life in a different way after their diagnostic. Some would decide to make their dream become a priority, and put in place a totally different life strategy Their new objective: be happy, as a way to envision healing and, moreover, fully appreciate each and every moment.

This Is also the meaning of “to realize our life mission”. To be present at every opportunity to be happy. It is unnecessary to wait for your body to force the situation.

The more you are following your aspiration, the more the path becomes simple, the more the solution become obvious. Even the material dimension will clarify.

When you are following your “life mission”, the financial opportunities appear clearly. You can seize them in all confidence and act with serenity.

 The economy crisis obliges most of you to seek employment in a context of fear and constraint. This path often leads to disease and impacts your family life. To be in our life mission is an act of altruism. When you are happy in your activity, an energy of love and well-being will spread around you. Your entourage will fully benefit from your happiness.

One more important light to shed on your life mission: It does not depend on anyone but you. It is within you, hidden under negative emotions such as guilt or anger. You can reveal it, however, with the use of this incredibly efficient method, Ho’oponopono.

Fears can disappear just by reciting the four words of wisdom “sorry, forgive me, thank you, I love you”. Today you can begin to fulfill your dreams by cleansing all the emotions that are paralyzing you. Repeat in you this love formula as soon as you experience fear and anxiety. Then, feel your project taking shape.

If you don’t have any particular goal, just let this “void” happen in you, still with Ho’oponopono, and let inspiration whisper some clues that will guide you in the accomplishment of your life mission.