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Nathalie Bodin Lamboy biography

Nathalie BODIN-LAMBOY has written several books on Ho’oponopono, method to which she dedicates a true passion, constantly shared in her writings:  

 . Vivre avec Ho’oponopono,  Guy Trédaniel éditeur, 2012 & 2015

 . Ho’oponopono et le couple, 2015

. Ho’oponopono, évoluer en toute liberté, 2014

 . 4 clés pour réaliser vos rêves avec Ho’oponopono, 2014

. Ho’oponopono, 30 formules de sagesse pour guérir des conflits, 2014

. Le grand livre de Ho’oponopono, éditions Jouvence, 2012

She is also the co-creator of the “Vivre avec Ho’oponopono” card game, the  “Cristal Feng Shui” box, published by Guy Trédaniel, and the “Oracle of Shamanic animals” (Vega Publisher).

       Nathalie Bodin Lamboy’s background began in the world of energies, learning from Filipono doctors and healers. Feng Shui is an area in which she then specialized, and made her aware of how one is connected to one’s environment.

            Through many training courses and development, she leaned towards coaching, with her knowledge in psycho-genealogy and the “langue des oiseaux” (bird’s language). More recently, Nathalie has been studying psycho-energetic methods such as E.F.T and, of course, Ho’oponopono. It is with the discovery of thid Hawaiian healing method that she shifted towards sharing her knowledge through her many books and the workshops she delivers across France.


          Today, the combination of these various experiences allows her to help people discover their potential and accomplish their dreams, with these new tools of self-development.


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