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The law of Attraction

Law of attraction and Feng Shui

Maybe have you heard it all, regarding this famous universal law that promises success.

Maybe the messages regarding this topic appeared rather obscure to you.

Or maybe in your own experience the results have not matched your expectations.

It is, however, a phenomenon known since the dawn of time, you attract what you resemble.


I propose that we revisit this theory in the light of an ancestral tradition coming from Asia, the art of Feng Shui.

This is how, as a Feng Shui consultant, I understand the law of attraction. There is, between these two methods, more than similarity, it even seems that one derives from the other.

The Art of Feng Shui is based on the study of environments in order to evaluate the potential of a place. Then, the expert suggests remedies so that the place brings prosperity to the occupants, at all levels of their lives: Health, work, finances, relationship, studies, marriage or family.

The principle is to leverage the strong points in order to reduce the impact of the difficult zones. It is an adjustment done by the combination of the five elements, a balancing of the Yin and the Yang, brought by the Qi, which animates all forms of life.


In Feng Shui, the environment influences the human actions, and in my experience the reverse is equally true.


      The Qi energy flows in the universe from star to star. The same goes on Earth, where the Qi circulates and gets charged according to landscape, rivers and their vitality. This universal energy traverses cities and countryside, factories and fields as well as your houses. Depending on the quality of the place, it is negative or positive energy that will fill the house.  

      When you live in an industrial area, a rather low energy will enter your home, and if your house is also negatively charged, it will attract that type of energy, which will contribute to maintain a low vibration level. The inhabitants will deal with great fatigue and moral stress that will tire them every day more, until the advent of diseases and material problems.

In order to counter this type of perverse energy, it is important to turn the house into a place of protection for one’s family, and make it a comfy place filled with natural light, where one can feel rejuvenated. Uncluttering drawers and closets, from basement to attics, is mandatory to avoid stagnating energy and to not attract similar ones.

The same goes for the law of attraction.  The more you generate negative thoughts, the more you will attract situations that will feed this vibration. This creates a form of vicious circle that you can break by cleansing your interior… house and spirit.

Like Qi energy, the law of attraction is constantly at work and it can be useful to you only if you leverage it in a conscious way. Just as you have cleaned your home by eliminating what you didn’t use anymore in order to make space for the new, you can also clean your negative memories, taking so much space in your mind and becoming obstacles to your projects. Ho’oponopono is an efficient method of cleansing that can quickly help you to create some space and clarify your projects. Each conflictual situation is an opportunity to clean and let an energy of love circulate in you and around you.